Chaotic arpeggiator

Introducing ChaosArp, the next-level MIDI arpeggiator designed to transform your musical ideas into intricate, dynamic patterns with a unique twist. ChaosArp is not just any arpeggiator; it’s a powerhouse tool that uses the same advanced algorithms as LoAdKer to modulate pitch, rhythm, velocity, and duration, creating evolving, complex but high musical patterns that breathe life into your music.

Dive into the heart of your creativity with ChaosArp’s innovative ‘rhythm event’ feature, which allows you to explore a variety of rhythmic modifications. From repeaters to stretchers and rests for extra space and emphasis—ChaosArp has it all. Each one of these rhythm events can be assigned to any of the 6 available slots, offering limitless possibilities.

Fine-tune your sonic exploration with the innovative ‘variance’ control – which goes one step beyond the simple ‘probability’ control that most arpeggiators have. Adjusting this setting for either pitch or rhythm (or both) will vary the character of the generated sequences, from fairly minimalistic to completely chaotic, thus opening up a world of endless variations. 

Elevate your music production today with ChaosArp and unleash patterns that inspire!


  • Variable rate from 1/128 to 4 beats
  • 3 modes (up, down, up/down)
  • Up to 4 octaves arpeggio rate
  • Latch mode
  • Pitch randomizer with variance and random octave
  • 6 assignable rhythm event slots
  • 13 rhythm event algorithms, including repeaters, stretchers, and rests
  • Repeat, stretch, and repeat rest probability controls for further customization of the rhythm event algorithms
  • Randomizable velocity and duration with variable range
  • 4 performance buttons that temporarily override the probabilities of pitch, rhythm, velocity, and duration
  • Most parameters are automatable


Try (or buy)

macOS (AU/VST3)

macOS High Sierra 10.13 and higher
Intel® Core™ i5 processor
Apple silicon
1 GB free disk space recommended
Internet connection (only for activation)

Windows 64-bit (VST3)

Windows 10 (Build 1909 and later), Windows 11
Intel® Core™ i5 processor or an AMD multi-core processor
1 GB disk space recommended
Internet connection (only for activation)

14 day Trial version

The trial version is identical to the full version and is valid for 14 days.

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